Starting fresh: A note to my readers

I came to a realization just the other day. My website had been a personal diary for 3 years and nothing had really changed. It was a place for me to share poetry, thoughts, and ideas, but it wasn’t a place that truly encompassed all that I am as a person. This thought came to me all of the sudden and all at once I began flooding with ideas. I began the journey of re-branding my website, which included coming up with a completely new name and design.

After huffs and puffs, a chocolate chai latte, a chocolate twice baked croissant (hey it was necessary), and about an hour of brainstorming, I came up with my new brand, Essential Eloquence. Eloquence is defined simply as “fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.” Those of you who have followed along with me for the past 3 years know that writing is my absolute passion. My goal is to always write fluently, truthfully, and inspiring. I felt like the term eloquence explained who I wanted to be as a writer. I believe the essential part speaks for itself.

Therefore, starting today this website will be not just a personal diary, but a place where I share all that I am and all that I enjoy in this beautiful, chaotic life. Writing is a way for me to reach and connect with people that I may not have been able to in other situations or circumstances. This website will follow the journey of my life “essentially” and “eloquently.”

I hope you all continue to support me as my website changes and grows just as I am as a person. From now on, I promise to write not just what is poetic, but also the real mess of life too.

I encourage thoughts and ideas always! If there is something you would like to know or hear about, leave me a comment!

As always, happy reading,


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